How refreshed SEO content improves search rankings

Vitality Senior Services’ Refreshed SEO Content Leads to Significant Rises in Search Result Rankings

Senior living provider Vitality Senior Services sought to elevate their online presence through a strategic overhaul of their SEO and website design. Their goal was to enhance visibility and improve search engine rankings across their communities in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee.

This case study explores their journey, highlighting the strategic approach to content optimization and metadata enhancement—and the significant improvements in search rankings and online visibility that followed.

Vitality Senior Services

Established in 2017, Vitality Senior Services specializes in developing and managing communities that cater to the senior population, offering tailored housing and services. With a primary emphasis on independent living, assisted living, and memory care, Vitality currently operates 10 communities encompassing 872 units spread across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Vitality Senior Services’ primary objective was a comprehensive website redesign to improve the design of their family of websites that would better present their services. They wanted to improve organic search rankings and increase visibility, and ultimately conversions, in local markets.

Within the initial three months post-launch, significant improvements were observed across Vitality’s online presence, including:

  • Five communities began ranking in the top 10 for one or more keywords, marking a substantial increase in visibility.
  • On average, community websites experienced a remarkable jump of 30 positions in search rankings.
  • One of the websites for a brand-new community secured the No. 1 position for two keywords and ranked in the top 10 for two others.

Our collaboration with Vitality Senior Services produced invaluable insights:

Thorough research was crucial in identifying relevant keywords and other SEO strategies that would optimize website performance and increase visibility in search results.

Tailoring content to reflect the unique attributes and locations of each community significantly enhances relevance, thereby improving search engine rankings, user experience, and user engagement.

The dynamic nature of SEO requires ongoing monitoring and adaptation. Regular assessment of search engine rankings allows for timely adjustments to maintain and enhance visibility.

Close collaboration between stakeholders, including corporate leadership and community managers, is integral to ensuring that SEO strategies accurately reflect the nuances of each community while supporting their optimization goals.

IlluminAge Communication Partners facilitated greater reach and engagement within local markets.

Through a strategic approach focused on content optimization, metadata enhancement, and stakeholder collaboration, IlluminAge Communication Partners successfully propelled Vitality Senior Services toward increased online visibility and improved search engine rankings, thereby facilitating greater reach and engagement within local markets.