Search engine optimization is a primary goal for most of our website clients.  When we begin working with any organization on their website, we always begin with content.  What do your website visitors need to know?  What does your organization need to communicate?

After an organization has  content clearly describes their programs, services, and explains where and how they provide these services in clear and user-friendly language, we encourage them to regularly keep that content up-to-date.

This is because content has a very important role to play on your website:
1.    Search engines return your site for searchers based on the text on your site (supported by your meta tags – but that’s another topic).
2.    Website visitors use your content to understand what you do and how you can help them.
3.    Website visitors come back to your website if you provide new content that is valuable to them on a regular basis.
4.    New content increases the density of your keywords (the text on your site that search engines use to know if it is relevant for a searcher – see item 1).
5.    Valuable content gives other organizations a reason to link to your website.  And, links to your website also help your ranking in search!

For another perspective on the value of content on your website, visit Search Engine Watch to read The Golden Rule of Content. And, for more valuable resources on writing copy for your website and search engine optimization, visit the Resources section of our website.