Content is the foundation of your digital marketing program. Great content supports SEO, encourages links to your website and sharing of your information, and gives people a reason to join your network via email or social media. We provide expert senior care content as well as help your team generate great local content specific to your business and then deliver that content to your audiences through multiple digital marketing channels.

The following solutions will support you in creating an integrated blogging, email and social media marketing program.


The EngAge program provides clients with a custom content plan and schedule created according to their audience and their goals. In addition to program planning, we provide program reports that review website traffic as well as email marketing and social media analytics that provide insights into the program’s success and opportunities for improvement. Standard programs include:

  • One email newsletter per month to your residents, patients, prospects and/or referral sources;
  • Two blog posts per month on relevant topics your audience cares about;
  • Three Facebook posts per week about company news, senior care issues, or photos from an event in your community.

This is easily scaled according to your needs and preferences!


As the name indicates, this is a hands-off program that provides you with your choice of an attractive online newsletter or blog content, a ready to print companion newsletter, social media posts, and email marketing. The content is syndicated and limited to one client per region, offering an affordable solution to blogging, social media, and email marketing needs.


This solution speaks to the DIY marketers in the group. The AgeWise content subscription provides you with access to one new blog post and four new social media posts per week to use in your blog, newsletter, social media, email marketing or all of the above! This timely content is appropriate for senior care, senior living, aging services providers and the individuals and families they serve.

Custom Programs

As a full-service senior care marketing agency, we are happy to create a custom solution based on your specific needs. You can choose content and blog support, social media management, or email marketing or a combination of tactics. We support you with strategy and planning, staff education and engagement, as well as daily management and implementation.