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Copy Writing

Developing great copy for your website is one of the most important aspects of your marketing program. Effective website copy tells a compelling story succinctly, communicating your key messages quickly. It’s also well organized – structured with headings, bullets, and calls to action so that readers can quickly scan the page for the information they need. Lastly, it assures that keywords and phrases are worked naturally into your website copy to increase search engine optimization.

We help you communicate who your organization is and what it does in a voice that reflects your mission and values. The result is website copy that conveys your key messages and encourages website visitors to take the next step in connecting with your organization


Pay-per-click refers to using paid ads placed through a variety of channels such as Google, Bing or Facebook. When does paid search or Facebook ads make sense? When page one organic search results are impossible due to the size of the market you’re in or amount of competition. When you are targeting new business in a neighboring community. When you want to target Facebook users with specific characteristics and interests.

Using this strategy of internet marketing can be very cost effective. With Google Ads, for example, you pay nothing for the volume of “impressions” your ad generates – i.e. the number of times it displays at the top or bottom of page one search results. You pay based on the number of times searchers “click through” to your website.

We can help setting up and managing the moving parts to a pay-per-click advertising campaign: program planning and configuration; key word selection; landing page design; and performance metrics and continuous refinement.


Email marketing is a tried and true strategy that keeps you top of mind with new leads and longtime customers alike. With over 90% of your audience using email daily – you can’t afford not to reach them through a targeted email campaign. We can create regular outbound emails designed and tested by our team. We offer professionally written and edited content from IlluminAge, posted by you or managed through a turnkey program by our team.

Social Media

Online marketing and branding begins with your website, but it certainly doesn’t end there! Creating a strong and consistent message that reaches your target audience via your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Pinterest is how relationships begin and are cultivated online. Our mission is to help you determine which online marketing efforts make the most sense for your organization’s goals and target audience – whether that’s the next big thing or tried and true methods of communication. Generally, an integrated online marketing program that distributes your information across multiple platforms is most effective. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach your online marketing goals.


Blogging is an efficient, cost-effective way for your organization to keep your website up to date with news and information. A blog also supports search engine optimization and other online marketing activities, from social media marketing by pushing content directly to Facebook and Twitter to regular email marketing campaigns. Get more information here.