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Online Care Finders

A bridge between consumers searching for a care provider and your members or locations.

Does your website offer consumers a searchable database of your members or locations? If not, or if your care finder is not fully optimized, you’re missing out on one of your website’s highest and best uses. A searchable care finder – an interactive search function with contact links, profile pages, and integration with GoogleMaps is a win-win-win. Consumer make the connections they’re after; your members or locations make the connections they rely on, and you provide the incredibly valuable member service that connects the two.

Features include:

  • Search by city, county, or zip code for the location nearest you
  • Search by type of care, service, or name
  • Google maps integration including map view, satellite view and driving instruction
  • Individual profiles with contact information, description of services, website link, and picture or logo
  • Mobile optimization for easy viewing and directions on tablet and smartphones
  • Administrative capabilities to enable easy updates and changes to individual listings

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