Seniors and caregivers having coffee time in the nursing home, eating and drinking

As all of us know, the staffing struggle is real. This is the top issue with our senior living clients currently.

Provider Magazine had two features in November about staffing, one focusing on staff empowerment – keeping your staff after they are hired – and the other on the applicant experience, benefits, and your brand as an employer. Both are extremely important topics for ensuring that once you attract an applicant you can both hire them and retain them, but you also need strategies for getting their attention in the first place. Here we offer three employment marketing strategies that can be used simultaneously or individually to help your employee marketing program.

Content marketing for employment

Content marketing for consumers has been a long-used tool in senior living. You’re doing it now on your blog. Do you have a similar strategy for employees? Using content to tell the story of your company’s benefits and culture can set you apart from the competition. You can use it to develop an email program for employees and to support social media outreach for current and potential employees. Our team can help you develop great content that keeps you top of mind with potential employees through an ongoing communications program. Check out some of our employee-facing blog posts for Kline Galland. Content marketing is a great strategy to use in conjunction with digital advertising and direct mail campaigns, because the email component allows an interested party to learn more about you even if they aren’t ready to make the move now.

Facebook posts and job listings

Facebook can be a great place to find job applicants. You can promote your job listing or job fairs through your normal page feed or use the job openings functionality to either accept applications through Facebook or drive interested people back to your website. We recommend that you integrate employee appreciation into your social media program, whether or not you choose to post jobs on Facebook. Social media posts that celebrate your team do well on social media and are a great way to brand yourself as an employer that appreciates its employees.

Digital advertising for employment

Sample digital ad

Our team can help you implement a display advertising campaign that raises brand awareness of your company as a great employer and drives traffic to your site to learn more. Used in conjunction with other employee attraction strategies, ads can increase awareness of your company as an employment option and effectively reach potential job seekers. A program should be adjusted by market, but a single facility market can drive over 200,000 impressions and a couple thousand website visits for about $1,200 per month. Multi-facility managers see economies of scale in growing the program for multiple facilities.

Recruitment collateral and direct mail for employment

Our print partner, Porter One Design, can create recruitment collateral that catches the eye of potential new employees, fully customized for each of your locations. Their in-house print warehouse allows their production team to work directly with their designers to ensure cost-effective, high-quality services that consistently meet your printed recruitment collateral needs. They also offer full-service direct mail campaigns, from developing content and generating targeted nursing staff lists to printing and mailing services.

If you’d like to discuss any of these strategies and how we might fit into your human resources marketing program, please contact us.