Online Career Center for Associations and Multi-Location Providers

Human resources management is one of the greatest challenges in senior care. Your goal is to find the best people to provide quality care in your facilities. Your website should be an important recruitment tool.

An Online Career Center enables you to:

  • connect job seekers with job opportunities.
  • provide information on current positions.
  • create an environment for advancing human resources development.

Features of our Online Career Centers include:

  • “Post a job” form to guide individuals posting career opportunities.
  • Job titles and other specific information can be pre-loaded to reduce typographical errors and save HR managers time.
  • “Post a resume” functionality makes your website a clearinghouse for qualified applicants.
  • Online application option includes the ability to upload a resume with submission so that you can prescreen applicants.
  • Pre-approval system enables a website manager on your team to review and approve each submission prior to publication.
  • Postings are set to auto-expire to ensure that your website remains current.

Every opportunity to connect great employees with the right opportunity counts. The Online Career Center can be customized to the needs of your organization.

Contact us to learn more about customization and installation options