Facility Locator

Your website plays a valuable role for families, consumers, professional referral sources, employees and business partners who are looking for services in a specific area. A searchable directory – an interactive facility search, member finder, or service directory based on your database of members or locations – is a must-have for associations and multi-site care providers.

When visitors are looking for your services in their area, a geo-coded multi-location mapping and search directory takes them where they need to go quickly.

Features include:

  • Search by city, county, or zip code for the location nearest you
  • Search by type of care, service, or name
  • Google maps integration including map view, satellite view and driving instructions
  • Individual profiles with contact information, description of services, website link, and picture or logo
  • Mobile optimization for easy viewing and directions on tablet and smartphones
  • Administrative capabilities to enable easy updates and changes to individual listings

Connect your website visitors to the location they need. Learn more today.