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Is Twitter imploding, and if it is, what are our options? Is Facebook still the place to be? And should we be on TikTok? There are many questions about social media swirling around these days, and it’s a daily topic of conversation here at IlluminAge.

All of our clients, from senior living chains to home care agencies and state health associations, rely on some form of social media to connect with their audiences. As always, the question is: Is your audience there too?

Part of the answer lies in what your organization does. For example, we find that for geriatric care managers and associations, LinkedIn is a great place to be. We believe that’s because these markets are heavily referral and colleague oriented. Referral source marketing has many benefits, particularly its role in establishing and maintaining the reputation of your business as a leader in the field. If a potential client should see or interact with your organization on LinkedIn, that’s icing on the cake.

When it comes to reaching consumers and potential or current clients, it’s a mixed bag.

  • Facebook continues to be the place for our clients in senior living. Families and loved ones check in frequently to see the latest pictures of their loved ones enjoying activities and events. Other sectors may see lower interactions, but Facebook still holds the largest consumer audience, so it provides value in being able to reach that audience.
  • We’re taking a wait-and-see approach with Twitter. It’s not all that important for most senior care providers, so their future isn’t pivotal. If you use Twitter for PR or advocacy, you probably want to pay close attention to where your connections are.
  • Mastodon is making a lot of headlines, and has gained a lot of high-profile journalists because of Twitter’s missteps. We recommend that you start dipping your toe in these waters if PR and advocacy are your goals.
  • TikTok, owned by a Chinese company, may be banned in the U.S. in the near future because of its suspected threat to national security. You can read more about it here. Currently, we are watching this more than we are recommending it.
  • Instagram, which started as a strictly photo-and-caption site, is moving increasingly toward video as it goes for the space that will potentially be vacated by TikTok. We like Instagram for our clients, as it’s a great spot for both consumers and referral sources. But, a local video strategy is of growing importance here.
  • LinkedIn continues to be the darling for many clients, particularly associations and geriatric care managers. Even some senior living chains find success on this platform, which people use primarily in their role as professionals or referral sources.
  • Google Business Profiles are not a social media darling, in that there’s no interaction with your audience. However, when we monitor analytics for clients, especially senior living, Google Profiles get as much or more visibility than Facebook and it’s where prospective clients and residents are likely to see you first. Bonus: It supports your local search engine optimization.

The bottom line is that, as with most things in life, change is the one thing you can count on. Your business should probably be on at least a couple social media platforms, depending on your goals, in addition to using email and your website to reach your target audiences.

We’d be happy to talk more about our social media and other content marketing services. Give us a shout and let us know what’s on your mind.