I joined the IlluminAge team in 2017 after having my two beautiful and energetic children, Amelia and Caleb. As they were getting older, I realized that it was time for me to get back to using the parts of my brain that aren’t hard-wired for caregiving. During my six-year tenure at the Aging Life Care Association, where I had a website and technology role, I had the pleasure of working with IlluminAge and found the team and the work to be of great interest to me. So, when I was ready to return to work, I reached out to IlluminAge to begin my way back into an area I love – websites and digital marketing, with a client base I already understood intimately – people working with older adults.

My attention to detail, combined with my excitement about new technologies and commitment to helping my team and clients succeed, is now put to good use. You’ll find me managing digital marketing programs, shepherding websites to completion, and running analytics on the programs we provide.

In my spare time (which, granted, there isn’t a lot of these days), I enjoy listening to music, reading, watching movies, and spending as much time as possible with family and friends.