We receive this question quite often: “Does managing my facility or company Facebook page through Business Manager link to my personal Facebook profile?”

The answer is complicated—yes, but also no.

Business Manager is a central portal for all things business related on Facebook. Your ad account, business page, and Instagram account can be found there, along with other marketing and management tools. If you’re part of a marketing team, your other team members can manage these assets through Business Manager. If you’re running the page solo, you can use Business Manager to do things like track Instagram and Facebook activity and marketing in one place or manage collaborations with other companies or pages.

The downside to Business Manager is that it requires an individual’s Facebook account. This is what raises concern among users who don’t want to mistakenly mingle business with personal. Here’s how to do it:

  • If you don’t have a personal Facebook account, you can easily create one and keep any details about yourself to a minimum. Facebook frowns upon blank, unused accounts—also known as dummy accounts—and may deactivate the account and the page tied to it. Dummy accounts are flagged most often by fake names and birthdays, so you should be truthful and fill in as many of the required details as you can. Keep in mind that you do not have to be active on this account, accept friend requests, or anything like that to use it for Business Manager.
  • To access your facility’s or company’s assets, you must join—or create—the Business Manager portal tied to those assets. This requires accepting an invitation through your personal Facebook account. Yes, this can be a little scary because no one wants to tie their personal account to their work.
  • Proceed with confidence. Business Manager does a good job of keeping the two entirely separate, so there’s no chance of forgetting to switch between accounts. Moreover, any co-workers who also use Business Manager will not be able to access your personal account. Your personal profile will also remain hidden from the public and will not be visible on the company or facility page.

As Business Manager has evolved, so too has Facebook’s separation of personal and professional accounts and pages. It protects your privacy while still allowing you to control or contribute to business pages.

If you need help setting up your Business Manager, managing pages or other accounts, or have questions, please contact us! We specialize in social media management and marketing for senior care providers, including care managers, senior living facilities and chains, hospice and home care providers and more.